(36 WEEKS)

Recreational dance allows your child to develop their dance skills in a relaxed environment. Children learn discipline while exploring their creative side in a team atmosphere. These skills will help your child in every aspect of their daily life while making new friends.

Our 36-week program operates from September to June.

All students participate in the year-end shows held in June, with age appropriate costuming.

Classes are offered to boys and girls, from 3 yrs to advance.




(3 - 6 YRS.)

These classes are the foundation to promoting discipline in a safe and encouraging environment while embracing the natural creative flair your child exhibits. Our primary classes reinforce repetition, develop memory skills and builds confidence in an enthusiastic and structured environment.

Mini Munchkins (3-4 yrs) (toilet trained)
A fun-filled class where musicality, movement and creativity are explored and introduced.
(30 minute class)

*Wee-Acrobats (3-4 yrs) (toilet trained)
An introductory class to dance and acrobatics. This class focuses on body awareness, form and strength for the young dancer.
(30 minute class)

Combo Wombo (5-6 yrs)
An excellent introductory class to ballet and jazz focusing on technique, musicality and movement.
(45 minute class)

Creative Combo (5-6 yrs)
An excellent introductory class to ballet, jazz and tap, focusing on technique, musicality and movement.
(60 minute class)

*Acrotastic (5-6 yrs)
A combination of dance and acrobatics. Children learn the fundamentals to properly developing acrobatic skills with emphasis on discipline, strength, and flexibility.
(45 minute class)

Itty Bitty Hip Hop (5-6 yrs)
Does your little one love moving and grooving to the beats played on the top 40's, well then this class is the perfect choice! This fun and a funky class, will have them dancing up a storm to all the coolest and most popular urban dance moves.
(30 minute class)



Mini (7-8yrs)
junior (9-11yrs)
TEEN (12-17YRS)

All classes focus on technique, stretch, musicality and style.
Our teaching methods instill repetition and strengthen memory skills while empowering each child to reach their full potential. With proper warm up and skill development, your child is challenged accordingly with age appropriate technique and choreography.
Class times range from 45 - 60 minutes.

Musical Theatre (7 - 11yrs)
A combination of dance, acting and lip-syncing; dancers explore story-telling in this upbeat class. Musical theatre jazz techniques (classical and pop) are the foundations of this class, while discovering the animated faces of story-telling.

*Acrobatics (7 yrs and up)
A combination of dance, acrobatics, contortion and gymnastics. Dancers learn how to properly develop theskills needed to progress as an acrobat and gymnast,with emphasis on strength, flexibility and control.

Hip Hop (7 yrs and up)
This popular form of dance is commonly seen in music videos.  Learn all of the coolest moves in a fun, funky and energetic class.

Ballet (7 yrs and up)
Ballet is the foundation for all types of dancing.  This beautiful and challenging dance form enhances technique, strength, poise, grace and balance. Ballet includes the technical skills necessary for all forms of dance.

Jazz (7 yrs and up)
This energetic class works to improve technique, stamina, and flexibility. Every style of jazz is incorporated from contemporary to funk.

Tap (7 yrs and up)
Works to improve dancers musicality, rhythm, and precision. Students will learn technique, terminology, and various styles of tap, including traditional and contemporary.

Lyrical/Contemporary (7 yrs and up)
Combines the elegance of Ballet and intensity of Jazz with a cross-over to Modern. The performer interprets and conveys the lyrics and emotion of the music through dance.