Protégé Dance Company operates on a 36-week season with classes running from September to June. We offer three payment options for parents: a) one installment b) two installments or c) five installments (see below). Rates are for tuition only.

Additional expenses to anticipate are class uniforms, year-end show costumes, photo day and year-end show tickets.

Additional expenses to the Competitive Program include:
a) choreography fees b) entrance fees c) costume fees, including tights, shoes and accessories d) make-up fees e) studio apparel f) travel expenses g) exam fees and h) workshop & summer intensive fees


We accept cash, cheque, debit, visa and mastercard. All cheques are made out to “Protégé Dance Company”.


Three payment options:

One Installment: Sept 1st
Full Tuition is paid at time of registration in one installment (plus HST).

Two Installments: Sept 1st, Feb 1st
Full tuition amount divided into 2 equal installments (plus HST) is due at time of registration. along with one post-dated cheque for February 1st.

Five Installments: Sept 1st, Nov 1st, Jan 1st, Mar 1st, May 1st
Full tuition amount divided into 5 equal installments (plus HST), is due at
time of registration, along with four post-dated cheques for November 1st, January 1st, March 1st and May 1st.


Discounts are available for multiple classes per family:

2 classes/week = 5% discount
3 - 4 classes/week = 10% discount
5 - 7 classes/week = 15% discount
8 or more classes/week = 20% discount


A $25.00 non-refundable registration fee is required per family upon registration.


A non-refundable costume deposit of $50.00 per costume is required for recreational students by November 1st. Costumes range from $50-$100/each.

A non-refundable costume deposit of $100.00 per costume is required for competitive students by November. Costumes range from $150-$250/each.


It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to submit payment at the time it is due. Payment due dates reminders are posted in reference manuals, at the studio and on the website. An administration fee of $30.00 will be charged to all NSF cheques. Late payment fees are also applicable and outlined in your reference manuals; issued during registration.


To withdraw from a program - you are obligated for the entire pay period/installment you are in. Therefore, NO REFUNDS on any fees that have been paid to Protégé Dance Company, including tuition fees, exam fees, costume fees, choreography fees, entry fees and merchandise payments. Fees will not be refunded for missed classes. All deposits required in the recreational and competitive programs are non-refundable.


Regular attendance is an important component to a child's success in their dance class and at the studio, whether it be the Recreational or Competitive program. Poor attendance may result in a student's limited participation in events such as: competitions, year-end showcase, dance exams, etc. Protégé Dance Company reserves the right to ask for the withdrawal of any student whose behaviour is disruptive or jeopardizes the progress of other students. 

There are no refunds for missed classes.


Protégé Dance Company has a dress code in place to help students build a positive body image and to allow the teacher to correct alignment and technique. There are no exceptions.

All dance attire can be purchased and/or ordered through:

a) Dance Code (Ajax, ON) 905-427-0443
b) Sequins Plus (Oshawa, ON) 905-433-2319

Note: all required tights and shoes for a class will be part of their year-end show costume in June. We encourage everyone to purchase the correct shoes and attire upon registration.


Please call, email and/or visit us in person during our office hours to Register.

Registration is in-person only.

Registration requires you to completely fill out the following:
a) Registration Form, and
b) Liability Waiver/Media Release/Payment Policy Agreement



Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) recognizes dance as both an “Arts” and “Fitness” Program. Protégé Dance Company’s responsibility (as per guidance from CRA) is to differentiate which fees are associated with each tax credit. Therefore, all tuition fees (recreational and competitive programs) will remain as the “Child’s Fitness Tax Credit” and all choreography fees (competitive program) will fall under the “Child’s Arts Tax Credit”.

For more information please visit:

The Children’s Fitness Tax Credit and Children’s Arts Tax Credit is a federal non-refundable, personal tax credit up to $500 per eligible child (under the age of 16 years). Receipts should be kept for six years.

Protégé Dance Company will issue the 2014 Children's Fitness & Arts Tax Credit forms after Monday, March 23, 2015.


payment schedule


At Registration: Tuition Fees

At Registration: Registration Fee

November 1st: Costume Deposit

Month of May: Costume Balance


At Registration: Tuition Fees

At Registration: Registration Fee

October: Choreography Fees
(Deposit #1)

November: Costume Deposit

December: Competition Fees (Deposit)

January: Competition Fees (Balance)

February: Choreography Fees
(Deposit #2)

Month of February: Costume Fees
(Balance: as costumes arrive)

March: Choreography Fees