Protégé Dance Company is proud to be affiliated with the organization: "DANCE SAFE ONTARIO" and will adhere to government guidelines and protocols to ensure the health and safety of all our dancers, staff and families.

Face Mask Policy

As of Monday, March 21st, with declining rates of COVID-19 in the province, on the advice of the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Ontario, mandatory masking will no longer be required at Protégé Dance Company. For those who would like to ease into this and continue to wear face masks, we will support your decision. However, students, teachers, administrators, parents and/or visitors are no longer required to wear face masks on our premises.

Lobby/Waiting Area

Protégé Dance Company will begin to open the lobby/waiting area for parents over the next couple of weeks with a set schedule to avoid unnecessary congestion. It's no surprise that our lobby is small and with mandates being lifted, we believe transitioning to a set lobby-schedule is the best option for our families.

Parents- Please be mindful of your outdoor shoes, when it's raining and/or snowing, all outdoor shoes MUST be removed at the front door. We don't want to track dirt/rain/snow into our premises, as it will damage our dancers shoes. Please help keep our floors clean.

Office Hours

Although we are opening the lobby/waiting area, office hours will continue to operate by appointment only.

Miss Lori & Miss Madison (Office Administrators) can be reached via email: admin@protegedancecompany.comand/or phone: 905-231-2111.

Studio Floors

Our social distancing squares have now been removed. Our studio floors are once again pristine. We will once again adhere strictly to our policy of NO OUTDOOR SHOES PERMITTED IN OUR STUDIOS. This applies to everyone: dancers, teachers, administrators, parents and/or visitors.

Students are still welcomed to bring their dance bag and water into the studio as teachers will direct students to place their dance bag/water at the back and/or side of studio and/or cubbies. However, we encourage all students to hang their jackets in the waiting area.

In addition, Protégé Dance Company is transitioning all disinfecting and cleaning of our 3-studios (Studio A, B & C) to a professional commercial cleaning/disinfecting company who will use eco-friendly products and government approved disinfectant "Enviro-shield" to disinfect our studios floors and mirrors. 

Our administrators and in-house cleaning crew will continue to clean and disinfect high touch areas, including the lobby/waiting area, washrooms, studio barres and acro mats with "Vital Oxide".

Protégé Dance Company takes pride in providing our families and faculty members a clean, safe and healthy workspace for everyone.


  • Student/Parent/Guardians are required to self-screen and self-assess for symptoms and relevant exposures to COVID-19 prior to entering Protégé Dance Company. 
  • Daily self-assessments are to be performed at home prior to attending Protégé Dance Company. 
  • If a student/parent/guardian or anyone in the household is unwell, the student/parent/guardian is not permitted to attend class.

Thank you for your cooperation!

We cannot do this without you. Protégé Dance Company is taking every measure possible to keep our dancers, faculty, and families safe and healthy. Children who are not feeling well or have fever are asked to stay home. Thank you for doing your part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.



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