Protégé Dance Company celebrates our "Dance Decade" Families: Students who have been committed to Protégé Dance Company for 10 consecutive years.

Student: Aeyla Webster

Christina Laramee

"10 years ago we entered a brand new studio as they were laying the floors to sign Aeyla up for her first dance class. Little did we know Protégé would become a second home, a safe space, a haven. This 3 month break has shown us even more how much Protégé is a part of Aeyla's life. There is so much more to it than just the 15-20 hours a week she spends there in class. There is a connection; a connection she feels lost without.

Protégé has had a large part in raising Aeyla. She has learned life lessons there that I would not have been able to teach her.

I have many, many #proudprotégé moments in the 10 years we have been a part of the Protégé family. Aeyla has developed such a passion for dance that I never had. I love watching her dance with her whole soul. But I think what I am most proud of is watching the full circle. From a little 5 year old watching with great big eyes as the "big girls" danced to being the dancer the little ones watch with adoration. The compliments she receives from parents of her "littles" are worth more to her than any award at competition.

I'm excited for the next three years of Aeyla's dance, but would do anything to slow the time down. I will blink and it will be over but the memories for me and lessons for her will last a life time.

Thank you Protégé Dance Company and Christine for being such a huge part of our lives for the last 10 years. Cheers 10 wonderful years and to many, many more years."

Kristi-Ann Webster (Mom)

Student: Lauryn Roberto

Rachel McDonald

"10 years ago, we walked into the Protégé Dance Company Studio to register our then, 3 yr old daughter, Lauryn for dance. We can still picture Ms. Christine carrying Lauryn into the studio as she was too shy and unsure to walk in herself. This was the beginning of a family relationship that we are so proud to be a part of and will be lasting.

The PDC studio has been a home away from home for Lauryn where she has spent countless hours with Ms. Christine and the other teachers teaching, motivating, inspiring and nurturing her every dance-step of the way.

Today, a decade later, Lauryn’s passion and love for dance is unwavering and she embodies the confidence, humility, perseverance, commitment, focus and dedication that is fostered at PDC. Thank you, Ms. Christine and the Protégé Dance Company staff and faculty.

Congratulations on 10 successful years and cheers to many more!!" - The Roberto Family

Student: Gabby Saghie

Alannah Morrow

Dear Miss Christine,

I remember the day Mounir and I met Miss Christine. It was the Summer of 2010 and we had recently moved from Markham to Ajax. Gabrielle has been dancing since she was three (3) years old and enjoys it immensely; therefore, we had to do our best to make sure the next studio she joined was the right fit. We met Miss Christine at the Pickering Town Centre where she was promoting the Opening of her new Dance Company, Protégé. We spoke in length and felt comfortable when we mutually decided that this was the Dance Home for Gabrielle.

Miss Christine and her wonderfully selected staff have been a joy for Gabrielle. They have always treated Gabrielle with care and kindness over the past ten years. We consider ourselves lucky to have been a part of Protégé Dance Company since inception. The professionalism and the dance techniques used are truly amazing and over the years I have seen how Gabrielle has blossomed into a beautiful, disciplined dancer.

There is an infinite amount of gratitude Mounir and I have for you and your team Christine. We will always keep in touch and promote Protégé Dance Company as the best studio. Gabrielle will be attending Ryerson University this Fall focusing on the Arts & Contemporary Studies program. All the best for the future.

Yours truly, Lori-Ann Saghie (Mom)

Student: Maya-Jade Jean-Charles

Alannah Morrow

"Wow .....!! We are proud and fortunate to be part of Protégé Dance Company for 10years ... Maya-Jade has grown so much has a dancer and established an amazing group of friends over the years. The quality and kindness of all teachers dedication is extraordinary.

Thank you for the beautiful years and high standard! More years to come!!!!! - Pascale (Mom)